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Prime Time by Nico

Prime Time by Nico

From a very young age Nico (aka Clint nico august) was a very dramatic and very skillful in acting but never has he shown his talent for singing. He took part in various interschool musical competitions and was on occasions awarded the gold,  silver and bronze. Music was a big part of his live and still very much is,  singing in the school choir and the local youth choir and the church choir.

He had solo song as a subject on school, but it was his love food that took him away from his music for a while. He twice auditioned for Idols SA and only made semi- final rounds.  As the years went by he dedicated himself to the local karaoke club and won the weekly attendees  hart by performing his favorite songs to them. The Suidpunt Idols 2011 was a dare to enter and so he won the competition.

This open the door to the possibilities into the entrance, he made new friends and industry leaders who guided him,  but this was not for free a heavy price to pay both rand and less family and friends time, more dedication so many gatherings missed, late nights, this all had an influence on his personal life but through the grace and blessings of GOD he succeeded. The First release was a compilation cd with various other contestants of the SuidPunt Idols  but now the Clint August we know has transformed into a Star! He is releasing his own solo album this year August 2014. 

Prime Time is a compilation of a “liquorish all sorts” R&B , rock song, pop and jazz. The past two years all the emotions and personal challenges has brought raw vocal abilities to sing with joy and pain with love songs and after break up songs to songs that tell you should calm down and take it easy. Prime Time by Nico (aka – Clint August) has truly captured a few hearts with the unofficial releases of “care” and “without  love” played by the local radio – Radio Overberg 98,4 fm.  Prime Time has been produced,  co-written and recorded with Crazy World Productions.

Nico would like to thank his sponsors for all their support and dedication and believing in his talent.